Washington Cannabis Jobs

Washington Cannabis Jobs
Washington Cannabis Jobs

If you live in Washington state and are interested in marijuana jobs and cannabis careers, you’ve come to the right place!

From the lush landscapes of the Puget Sound to the eastern plains, cannabis jobs in Washington are plentiful and provide a range of opportunities in cultivation, retail, and beyond. Cities like Seattle, and Spokane, as well as smaller communities are deeply engaged in this burgeoning market, making cannabis industry jobs an integral part of the state’s economy. For those eager to explore this sector, understanding the contours of the cannabis job market in Washington is crucial.

Founded in Seattle in 2013, Viridian Staffing has deep roots in Washington, actively contributing to the state’s early industry associations and assisting small Medical Marijuana operations across the state until the rollout of their legal adult-use (“recreational”) market in 2014.  Washington’s cannabis community will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are honored to be part of its continued success.  We are proud to provide Washington’s cannabis businesses with the very best temp staffing and recruiting services available in the industry today.

In this helpful guide, we answer questions like:

Where can I find Washington cannabis jobs near me?

Cannabis jobs near me

While by no means an exhaustive list of every Washington city/town that features cannabis industry jobs, these are among the places that have become most strongly associated with cannabis jobs in Washington and why.

Seattle, WA
As Washington’s largest city, Seattle is a major hub for the cannabis industry, offering a wide range of jobs from retail positions in dispensaries to roles in cultivation and production. The city’s significant market size and progressive culture foster a strong demand for innovative cannabis products and services.

Spokane, WA
In eastern Washington, Spokane is known for its comprehensive market with jobs in cultivation, processing, and retail. Spokane benefits from its proximity to agricultural lands ideal for cultivation and a community interested in both medical and recreational cannabis products.

Tacoma, WA
Tacoma’s cannabis industry is vibrant, with numerous dispensaries and a growing number of production facilities. The city offers roles ranging from budtenders and sales representatives to positions in regulatory compliance and cannabis product development.

Olympia, WA
As the state capital, Olympia is central to cannabis regulatory and compliance jobs. Additionally, it supports retail and cultivation jobs due to its engaged local community and the presence of several dispensaries.

Bellingham, WA
Situated near the Canadian border, Bellingham is a key player in the Washington cannabis market, with numerous retail opportunities and roles in cultivation, particularly appealing to a college-age population and Canadian tourists.

Everett, WA
Located in Snohomish County, Everett supports a range of cannabis jobs, primarily in retail and small-scale cultivation. Its proximity to Seattle allows for collaboration and expansion in cannabis business opportunities.

Lacey, WA
Located in Thurston County, Lacey features a variety of cannabis industry roles in cultivation, processing and retail, reflecting the diverse opportunities available within this vital sector.

Yakima, WA
In central Washington, Yakima is notable for its cultivation jobs due to the region’s agricultural strength. The area supports large-scale cultivation operations that supply both local and statewide dispensaries.

Pullman, WA
Home to Washington State University, Pullman offers opportunities primarily in cannabis research and development, complemented by retail jobs targeting the university community.

Vancouver, WA
Just across the river from Portland, OR, Vancouver benefits from cross-border traffic with Oregon, supporting a thriving market in both retail and cultivation jobs. The city’s dispensaries are frequented by both locals and visitors from Oregon.

Bellevue, WA
Near Seattle, Bellevue’s cannabis industry boasts a mix of retail jobs and roles in technology and product innovation, reflecting its urban setting and tech-savvy population.

Omak, WA
In Omak and the surrounding area, the cannabis industry primarily focuses on cultivation and processing due to the region’s agricultural strength. This rural setting provides ample space for large-scale growing operations, making it a vital part of the cannabis supply chain in Washington.

Port Angeles, WA
Located in Clallam County, Port Angeles supports a dynamic cannabis market known for its robust medical and recreational offerings and a strong focus on community education and engagement.

What are the legal requirements to work in Washington’s cannabis industry?

Legal requirements to work in the cannabis industry

To work in the plant-touching sectors of the legal cannabis industry in Washington, individuals must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.

Unlike some states, Washington does not require a specific marijuana worker permit or badge for general employees in the cannabis industry. However, business owners, their spouses, and anyone with a financial interest in the business must be vetted and approved by the WSLCB.

While Washington state does not require cannabis industry employers to conduct background checks of their employees, this is nevertheless a very common practice.  Employers may conduct background checks to ensure they are hiring individuals who are trustworthy and can be relied upon to comply with relevant state laws and regulations specific to cannabis businesses.

DISCLAIMER: State cannabis policies are always subject to change.  While this information was accurate, when published/updated, we strongly encourage visiting the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) website to guarantee the most up-to-date information.  While we do our best to keep this page current, we make no warranty that it is, seeing as regulators can make changes at any time.

Who are some of the top cannabis industry employers in Washington?

Top Cannabis Employers

While it would be nearly impossible to detail every cannabis industry employer in Washington, here is a list of some of the largest and best known companies and brands with significant operations in the state.

We urge you to keep in mind that for every company listed here there are MANY other excellent cannabis industry employers that offer exciting career opportunities.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions
Based in Olympia, Northwest Cannabis Solutions is one of the largest producer/processors in Washington, offering a wide range of products including edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

Harmony Farms
Based in Lacey, Harmony Farms focuses on producing high-quality, all-natural cannabis products. They are known for their eco-friendly growing methods that emphasize sustainability and purity.

Headquartered in Lacey, Artizen is renowned for their artisanal approach to cannabis cultivation, producing a variety of premium flowers and extracts.

Phat Panda
Based in Spokane, Phat Panda is a well-known cannabis grower in Washington, recognized for their extensive selection of strains and innovative, quality-driven cultivation practices.

Smokey Point Productions
Smokey Point Productions, based in Arlington, specializes in high-quality cannabis extracts, including oils, waxes, and shatters, focusing on purity and potency.

420 West
420 West is a cannabis retail chain that offers a wide range of cannabis products, from flowers to edibles, with a focus on customer education and service.

The Joint
The Joint operates multiple retail locations across Washington, offering a diverse array of cannabis products, known for their knowledgeable staff and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Evergreen Market
Operating several locations across the Puget Sound, Evergreen Market is dedicated to providing a curated selection of cannabis products in an informative and welcoming environment.

Have a Heart
Have a Heart runs several dispensaries in Washington and is celebrated for its wide selection of cannabis products and its focus on community engagement and customer experience.

Uncle Ike’s
Uncle Ike’s, with multiple locations in Seattle, is a prominent cannabis retailer known for their extensive product variety and commitment to consumer education and safety.

Bud Hut
Bud Hut offers a diverse range of cannabis products at its Washington dispensaries, focusing on exceptional customer service and educational experiences in a welcoming environment.

Spark Industries
Headquartered in Tacoma, Spark Industries provides innovative cannabis products and solutions, with a special emphasis on advanced vaping technology and accessories.

Confidence Analytics
Based in Redmond, Confidence Analytics is a leading lab in Washington state, offering rigorous testing services to ensure cannabis product quality and compliance.

Headquartered in Seattle, Leafly is a global cannabis information resource, providing comprehensive strain reviews, dispensary maps, and industry news.

GrowFlow Corp
Located in Seattle, GrowFlow Corp provides business management and compliance software to the cannabis industry, helping businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Headset Inc.
Also based in Seattle, Headset Inc. specializes in providing real-time data and analytics to the cannabis industry, aiding businesses in making informed market decisions.

SōRSE Technology
SōRSE Technology in Seattle offers a water-soluble emulsion technology for infusing cannabinoids into beverages, edibles, and other consumer products, focusing on safety and quality control.

What types of jobs and career opportunities are there in the cannabis industry?

Careers in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry career paths are quite diverse and span the following industry sectors and specialties:

Click Here to learn more about cannabis industry jobs.

Where can I find and apply for Washington cannabis jobs near me?

Apply for cannabis jobs

If you have a lot of spare time and don’t mind researching and applying to individual cannabis jobs, one by one, you can find a searchable list of current cannabis industry job opportunities in Washington HERE.

However, if you would prefer to apply just once and have Viridian Staffing’s expert cannabis recruiters match your skills and interests with cannabis jobs near you, we encourage you to register with us It only takes a few minutes!


Once registered, you can also submit your profile to any opportunity on our Cannabis Industry Job Board with a single click by logging into our Candidate Portal.

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