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Woman smiling at you, sitting at a table with other members of her team.
Woman smiling at you, sitting at a table with other members of her team.
Woman smiling at you, sitting at a table with other members of her team.

Congratulations on deciding to begin or further your career in the cannabis industry!  Whether you have been involved in the cannabis industry for years or are looking to get your foot in the door; we are here to assist you in navigating this exciting new frontier!

When you register with us, you will not only have the ability to apply to individual jobs with a click of a button, you will also be the first in line to be considered for any role our recruiters are seeking potential matches for, whether you are actively seeking a new job/promotion or not.  So taking a moment to register with us is an excellent use of your time if you’re looking to break into or advance in the cannabis industry.  We will bring the opportunities to you!

“I’d like to thank Viridian Staffing for helping me land my first role in the cannabis industry. While I’ve been super curious about the industry for years, I was so busy in my career that I never found the time to research and apply to cannabis companies directly. Thankfully, I did take the time to register with Viridian to see what they might have for me. Several months later one of their recruiters reached out about the perfect job with a more senior title and higher pay!”
Whitney B
Whitney B
“The Viridian team is AMAZING!  Starting the job hunt is often daunting, but they make the process so easy and I can’t speak highly of them enough!  They helped me to find a position that was perfect for what I was looking for. They really care about finding what’s best for YOU, and it helps a ton that they have a large network of companies all over the world that they work with. It also doesn’t hurt that they are genuinely great people. 🙂  If you are looking to have someone help you to find your next home, I highly recommend Viridian Staffing!”
Larina S
Larina S
“I was lucky enough to be placed in my current role thanks to Viridian. They knew even better than I did how good the fit would be. Hopefully I’ll be where I am for a long time, but should I ever need a new gig, I would work with them again in a heartbeat!”
Chris L
Chris L

We work with companies in all sectors of the cannabis industry including, but not limited to:

Medical Marijuana

Recreational (Adult Use)

Industrial Hemp

Producers / Growers

Processors / Extractors

Manufacturers / Brands

Testing Labs



We can help further your career in the following specialties and industry sectors:

Click Here to learn more about the kinds of cannabis industry jobs that we recruit for.

How To Register / Apply

STEP 1: Click APPLY NOW to register, create an account and upload your resume and cover letter.  This information is only viewable to our recruiting team and is never sold to third parties.  Be sure to save your login information so you can keep your account up-to-date.


In your cover letter, tell us more about yourself.  What skills and experience would you like to offer to what sectors of the cannabis industry and in what capacity?  Feel free to express interest in a specific industry sector/role or multiple sectors/roles.  Please also note your geographic availability and whether you are willing to consider relocating for the right opportunity.  We serve cannabis industry employers coast-to-coast, including Canada and multiple international markets.

STEP 2: Once you have set up your profile we encourage you to visit our Cannabis Job Board to see our current opportunities, which you can apply to instantly with your profile.

STEP 3:  Follow us on social media and sign up for our Cannabis Careers Email Newsletter to stay current on industry hiring trends, workshops, networking and educational opportunities.

STEP 4:  Be patient while our recruiters try to match you with the right opportunity.  We won’t be able to schedule an interview until that happens.  In the meantime, please keep your account up-to-date in our Candidate Portal if there are any changes in your experience, requirements or areas of interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘Glad you asked!  That’s why we wrote: How to Write a Winning Cannabis Resume!  Check it out!

When you register/apply with Viridian Staffing, you will want to provide your long-form resume.  In other words, the version of your resume that contains the most comprehensive information about your background, education, skills and experience as this will maximize the number of opportunities our recruiters might flag you as a potential match for.

This resume should be in reverse chronological order, with your most recent experience listed first.  We DO NOT recommend sending us a functional resume.  If we believe that is what should be provided to the employer we’re submitting you for, we will let you know or restructure it ourselves.

And unless you are only interested in being considered for a particular job type (like Budtender, Master Grower, etc) this is not the best time to provide us with a resume targetted to that specific job.

If you would like our recruiters to alert you of potential matches, you will want to take a moment to Register/Apply with us.

It only takes a few minutes and is well worth the time for the number of possible opportunities it can avail you of.

Our recruiters will reach out if/when they believe they have identified a potential match to discuss it with you.

We are sorry to inform you that our recruiters can’t afford the time to speak with any candidate until this happens. We are quite busy getting the right candidates to our clients as swiftly as possible.

We are hopeful you will be one of them!

The best place to find current cannabis industry jobs is our cannabis industry job board!

But if you aren’t interested in finding and applying to individual jobs, one by one, or being limited to opportunities that we are recruiting for right now, a better approach might be to Register/Apply with us today and let our recruiters bring the opportunities to you!

As for what types of positions are typically available in the various industry sectors, we have thoroughly detailed those on our Cannabis Industry Jobs & Careers page.

DISCLAIMER: We can’t promise you a job, but we will do our very best.  As with any staffing/recruiting agency, the number of applicants always exceeds the number of opportunities.   With that said registering with us is a smart move given the number of opportunities you are likely to be considered for.

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