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Founded in 2013, by a bonafide Executive Recruiter with over a decade of prior Fortune 100 HR and recruiting experience, Viridian Staffing was not only the cannabis industry’s original, professional recruiting and HR consulting firm, but with over seven years of hard-won cannabis/hemp industry experience, Viridian stands apart as the industry’s oldest and most respected recruiting agency.  (The “Real OG’s” if you will.)

In that time, Viridian has not only built the cannabis industry’s most formidable database of talent in North America but our team of elite recruiters, who have served leading companies across a broad spectrum of related industries, have also brought their deep networks and relationships to bear in serving our clients’ ever-growing needs. Those industries include, but aren’t limited to, agriculture, biotech, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.

Today Viridian’s client base spans North and South America, as well as a growing number of Asian & European countries. Viridian’s human resources professionals have helped our clients round out their executive teams, fill mission-critical roles, win competitive licenses and rapidly scale multi-state enterprises. Businesses rise and fall based on the strength of their teams. Viridian Staffing is here to ensure your company thrives in the increasingly competitive cannabis and hemp industries.

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Viridian Staffing continues to lead the way by providing the very best direct placements, consultants, and temporary staffing solutions in the cannabis industry. We specialize in staffing and recruiting for all sectors of the industry including medical marijuana, recreational (adult use) cannabis, CBD and industrial hemp. Whether you’re a producer, processor, consumer brand, retailer or ancillary we are here to help you identify, attract and retain the most desirable talent possible by drawing on our deep network of talent both inside and outside the industry.

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Over the years we have become increasingly specialized in helping our clients fill mission-critical lynchpin roles including Executive Management, Directors of Cultivation/Production (“Master Growers”), Processing, Extraction, Chemists, Pharmacists, Chief Compliance Officers, Dispensary/Retail Management, Product Formulation, Research & Development, etc.

With our assistance, these teams have won competitive licenses and grown into respected regional players and global brands.


Viridian Staffing brings an unparalleled synergy of cutting-edge recruiting expertise with an ever-expanding database and network of talent built over the entire history of the modern cannabis industry. Nobody has been doing cannabis industry recruiting longer and nobody understands it better. Whether the individuals you’re looking for are already happily employed or searching for new opportunities, we know what it takes to identify, qualify, screen and attract them to your team.

We are diligent in understanding the culture, vision and trajectory of your company to help you build a team that offers a diversity of experience and perspective while maintaining critical organizational cohesion.

Services provided include:

Professional Recruiting

Executive Team Development

Temporary Staffing & Temp-to-Hire

HR Consulting

Workforce Planning

Advisory Board Development

Reference & Background Checks

While Viridian can assist you in filling any role from the C-Suite to the entry-level, the majority of our clients have turned to us for assistance in rounding out their Executive Teams and key management and administrative roles including General Counsel, Director of HR (Human Resources), Sales Leadership, Channel Marketing, Distribution, Facilities, Product, Inventory, Retail & Supply Chain Management and the previously mentioned industry-specific lynchpin roles. We have also been increasingly called upon to help our clients find everything from qualified accountants and sales professionals to Software/Hardware Engineers and Directors of I.T.

At Viridian Staffing, we have always put our clients first and stood behind our work. We are so confident in our elite recruiters and unique advantages that, with rare exceptions, we adhere to a results-only business model. If we don’t deliver the caliber of talent you were looking for, you are not required to hire them and you won’t be charged! If our placements don’t remain for at least a year, you won’t pay as much as if they had. So we’re incentivized to find you the right long-term fit the first time, and we do!   But don’t take our word for it; Engage our risk-free services today and let us demonstrate why the firm that pioneered cannabis industry recruiting is still the best!

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