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If you live in Oregon and are interested in marijuana jobs and cannabis careers, you’ve come to the right place!

From the fertile valleys of Southern Oregon to the breezy shores of the Oregon Coast, cannabis jobs in Oregon are flourishing, offering diverse roles in cultivation, retail, and more. As cities like Portland, Eugene, and smaller towns along the coast are increasingly participating in this market, cannabis industry jobs have become a vital part of local economies. If you’re looking to dive into this field, understanding the landscape of cannabis industry jobs in Oregon is essential.

In this helpful guide, we answer questions like:

Where can I find Oregon cannabis jobs near me?

Cannabis jobs near me

While by no means an exhaustive list of every Oregon city/town that features cannabis industry jobs, these are among the places that have become most strongly associated with cannabis jobs in Oregon and why.

Portland, OR
As Oregon’s largest city, Portland boasts a diverse range of cannabis jobs, from retail positions in dispensaries to roles in cultivation, production facilities and a large number of ancillary businesses. The city’s progressive culture and large market size make it a hub for cannabis startups and innovation.

Eugene, OR
Known for its strong counterculture roots, Eugene offers numerous cannabis jobs supporting the production of organic and artisanal cannabis products. Jobs here are often found in boutique dispensaries and local growing operations focused on sustainable practices.

Salem, OR
As the state capital, Salem has a stable market for cannabis jobs mainly in sales, regulation, and compliance. The presence of state regulatory bodies also provides opportunities for advocacy and policy-oriented roles.

Medford, OR
Located in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, part of the world-famous Emerald Triangle, an area known for its ideal cannabis growing conditions, Medford offers numerous opportunities in cultivation and agricultural management and higher-than-average salaries for these types of roles.

Bend, OR
Bend has a growing cannabis industry with a focus on craft and premium cannabis products. Cannabis jobs are typically available in local dispensaries and small-scale production facilities that cater to a tourism-driven market.

Corvallis, OR
Home to Oregon State University, Corvallis supports cannabis jobs primarily in cannabis research and development, along with retail positions aimed at serving the college community.

Hillsboro, OR
With its proximity to Portland, Hillsboro benefits from the spillover of the larger city’s cannabis industry, with numerous cannabis jobs in both retail and technological innovations in cannabis products, supporting above-average salaries.

Gresham, OR
Gresham’s cannabis job market is heavily retail-oriented, with several dispensaries serving both local residents and visitors from nearby Portland. Some opportunities in small-scale cultivation also exist.

St. Helens, OR
This smaller town offers a more limited range of cannabis jobs (but at higher than average salaries) primarily in retail and customer service, catering to the local population with a few small dispensaries.

Springfield, OR
Adjacent to Eugene, Springfield shares a similar focus on artisanal and organic cannabis products. Cannabis job opportunities are primarily in retail and local cultivation.

Sherwood, OR
As a smaller community near Portland, Sherwood’s cannabis industry jobs are mostly retail-driven, with dispensaries serving both local and nearby metropolitan residents.

Ashland, OR
Ashland is located in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon and is part of the world-famous Emerald Triangle, an area known for its ideal cannabis growing conditions. Aside from supporting numerous cannabis jobs in production, Ashland features a niche cannabis market focused on boutique dispensaries and products that cater to both locals and tourists.

Beaverton, OR
Just outside of Portland, Beaverton has a robust cannabis industry with a mix of retail jobs and opportunities in product testing and quality assurance due to its suburban setting.

Grants Pass, OR
Deep in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, located in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Grants Pass offers numerous cannabis jobs in cultivation, as well as in processing and dispensary operations, reflecting the area’s ideal growing climate.

What are the legal requirements to work in Oregon’s cannabis industry?

Legal requirements to work in the cannabis industry

To work in the plant-touching sectors of the legal cannabis industry in Oregon, individuals must obtain a Marijuana Worker Permit issued by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC). Here are the key steps and requirements:

  1. Eligibility: You must be at least 21 years old to apply.
  2. Education: Before applying, you need to review the educational materials provided and pass a test with a minimum score of 70%. Upon passing, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.
  3. Application: The application process includes registering for an account, completing an application form, and uploading a valid photo ID along with your Certificate of Completion.
  4. Fee: There is a $100 fee for the permit, which is payable only upon approval of your application.
  5. Background Check: A background check is performed as part of the application process. Certain criminal convictions may disqualify you from obtaining a permit.*
  6. Printing the Permit: Once your application is approved and the fee is paid, the permit must be printed from your account as OLCC does not mail it.

The Marijuana Worker Permit is necessary for employees at OLCC licensed cannabis businesses, including producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers. This permit is required for tasks such as handling, selling, or supervising the sale of cannabis products.

For detailed information on the application process and to start your application, visit the OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit page.

* The following may disqualify you from obtaining a permit:

  • Recent Felony Convictions: You may be disqualified if you have been convicted of a felony related to controlled substances, violence, dishonesty (like theft or fraud), or involving a firearm within three years prior to the application.
  • Multiple Convictions: Multiple convictions for the crimes listed above within five years prior to the application may also disqualify you.
  • License or Permit Revocations: If your marijuana license or worker permit was revoked due to violations of relevant Oregon statutes or rules within two years prior to the application, this could also lead to disqualification.
  • False Statements: Making false statements to the Commission during the application process can result in denial.

PLEASE NOTE: A Marijuana Worker Permit is not required to work for an ancillary firm in Oregon’s cannabis industry, so long as that company does not grow, process, or sell cannabis or cannabis products.

DISCLAIMER: State cannabis policies are always subject to change.  While this information was accurate, when published/updated, we strongly encourage visiting the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) website to guarantee the most up-to-date information.  While we do our best to keep this page current, we make no warranty that it is, seeing as regulators can make changes at any time.

Who are some of the top cannabis industry employers in Oregon?

Top Cannabis Employers

Nectar Markets
Headquartered in Portland, Nectar Markets is one of the largest cannabis employers in the state, with a significant workforce, in excess of 500 employees, all based in Oregon. They are known for their integrated approach to both production and retail sales​.

Headquartered in Clackamas, Wyld specializes in cannabis edibles and employs over 100 individuals in Oregon. Their products are popular for incorporating real-fruit ingredients​.

Headquartered in Bend, Dutchie operates a technology platform for online cannabis ordering and reported over 100 employees in Oregon as part of their broader workforce.

Chalice Brands
Having undergone considerable growth and acquisitions, Chalice Brands employs about 300 people in Oregon, operating 16 stores across Portland and the Willamette Valley​.

Headquartered in Bend, Oregrown is known for its high-quality indoor flower and consumer goods, employs about 100 people across their operations​.

C3 Industries
This company has a significant presence in Oregon and operates in the cultivation and processing of cannabis, emphasizing high-quality indoor cannabis flower and extracted products​.

Cura Cannabis Solutions
Based in Portland, Cura is known for its Select Oil products and is recognized as one of the largest cannabis brands in America, employing a substantial number of people locally​.

East Fork Cultivars
This farm is located along the east fork of the Illinois River and is recognized for its regenerative organic agriculture practices. They are Sun + Earth certified and utilize techniques like Korean natural farming to maintain a sustainable ecosystem on their farm​.

Green Leaf Lab
Established in 2011, Green Leaf Lab is a pioneer in accredited cannabis testing in the Oregon, offering comprehensive safety and potency testing services for the cannabis industry.

Highly Distributed
Highly Distributed is an Oregon-based cannabis distributor specializing in brand development, secure logistics, and wholesale distribution to licensed dispensaries across the state.

SC Labs
SC Labs provides extensive cannabis and hemp testing services, including compliance, potency, and safety tests, using advanced technology to support clients across multiple states in ensuring product quality.

Phylos Bioscience
This company focuses on the genetic research and development side of cannabis, helping growers optimize their genetics. Based in Portland, they are involved in advancing agricultural technologies within the cannabis industry​.

Rebel Spirit
Located in Eugene, this cannabis producer emphasizes organic and sustainable practices. They are notable for their commitment to quality and community engagement​.

Apex Trading
A software company based in Portland, Apex Trading provides wholesale software solutions to the cannabis industry.  Their technology plays a crucial role in the industry’s logistics and sales processes.

What types of jobs and career opportunities are there in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis Careers

Cannabis industry career paths are quite diverse and span the following industry sectors and specialties:

Click Here to learn more about cannabis industry jobs.

Where can I find and apply for Oregon cannabis jobs near me?

Apply for cannabis jobs

If you have a lot of spare time and don’t mind researching and applying to individual cannabis jobs, one by one, you can find a searchable list of current cannabis industry job opportunities in Oregon HERE.

However, if you would prefer to apply just once and have Viridian Staffing’s expert cannabis recruiters match your skills and interests with cannabis jobs near you, we encourage you to register with us It only takes a few minutes!


Once registered, you can also submit your profile to any opportunity on our Cannabis Industry Job Board with a single click by logging into our Candidate Portal.

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