California Cannabis Jobs

California Cannabis Jobs
California Cannabis Jobs

From the legendary Emerald Triangle in Northern California and the sunny fields of the Central Valley to the picturesque beaches of Southern California, cannabis jobs are booming across the state.

Offering expansive career opportunities in cultivation, retail, marketing & tech, the cannabis industry is rapidly becoming an integral part of local economies from major hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco, to smaller coastal and rural farming communities.

For those eager to enter this sector, understanding the landscape in California is essential.

Established on the West Coast in 2013, Viridian Staffing has deep roots in California.  Not only is Viridian’s Co-Founder from Southern California, but our CEO moved to the Bay Area to better understand the needs of the state’s pioneering businesses when California legalized adult-use (“recreational”) cannabis in late 2016.  We have been proud to serve the California cannabis industry, through its many ups and downs, with the state’s leading recruiting and temporary staffing services.

Where can I find California cannabis jobs near me?

Cannabis jobs near me

While by no means an exhaustive list of every California county/city that features cannabis industry jobs, these are among the places that have become most strongly associated with cannabis jobs in California and why.

Los Angeles County, CA
Los Angeles County offers diverse roles in cultivation, retail, and product development, particularly in large cities like Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Covina. Its vast market size drives unique innovations in cannabis-infused products.

San Diego County, CA
San Diego
and Chula Vista are hubs for cutting-edge cannabis biotechnology, with numerous opportunities in research and scientific analysis, supported by the region’s strong biotech sector.

Orange County, CA
The cannabis industry in notable cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine focuses on premium retail experiences and boutique dispensaries, catering to an affluent clientele with a variety of high-end products.

Riverside County, CA
Riverside County, including Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, and Coachella, is known for large-scale cultivation and festivals that integrate cannabis culture, capitalizing on vast land availability and a tourism-friendly environment.

San Bernardino County, CA
Located in the Inland Empire and including notable cities such as San BernardinoRancho Cucamonga, Adelanto, Victorville, and Fontana, San Bernardino County is particularly focused on wholesale markets and distribution and is critical for logistics and supply chain operations within California’s cannabis industry.

Santa Clara County, CA
Centered in San Jose, the cannabis sector here leverages Silicon Valley’s technological advancements for innovation in cultivation technology and consumer electronics related to cannabis use.

Alameda County, CA
In California’s East Bay, cities like Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont are pioneers in cannabis legalization advocacy, with a strong focus on social equity programs and community-based dispensaries that emphasize local and sustainable practices.

Sacramento County, CA
, being the state capital, offers numerous opportunities in cannabis policy, advocacy, and governmental liaison roles, alongside traditional cultivation and retail jobs in cities like Elk Grove and Folsom.

Contra Costa County, CA
Located in California’s East Bay, including the cities of Concord, Richmond, and Antioch, Contra Costa’s local cannabis industry focuses on artisanal and organic cannabis products, with an emphasis on sustainable and community-oriented business practices.

Fresno County, CA
Located in the agricultural powerhouse of the San Joaquin Valley, cities like Fresno and Clovis support robust agricultural operations for cannabis, focusing on mass production and efficiency.

Kern County, CA
Located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley, the cities of Bakersfield and Delano focus on the agricultural and industrial aspects of cannabis production, benefiting from vast agricultural lands suitable for large-scale cultivation.

San Francisco County, CA
San Francisco
leverages its iconic cultural status to offer boutique cannabis experiences, including luxury consumption lounges and gourmet edible productions, integrated within the urban lifestyle.

Ventura County, CA
With a focus on horticulture, Ventura County, including the cities of Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley integrates advanced agricultural techniques to produce high-quality cannabis flower, serving both local and state markets.

San Joaquin County, CA
Similar to other farming communities in the San Joaquin Valley, the cities of Stockton, Tracy and Lodi feature expansive cultivation facilities due to the availability of agricultural land, with a focus on innovative farming techniques and cost-effective production strategies.

Sonoma County, CA
Aside from being one of Northern California’s largest processing and distribution hubs, connecting Northern agricultural communities with large consumer markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, the city of Santa Rosa integrates wine country tourism with artisanal organic cannabis production, offering premium farm-to-table cannabis experiences to tourists worldwide.

Santa Barbara County, CA
Also combining cannabis with high tourism, the cities of Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc offer employment in boutique dispensaries, as well as in cultivation facilities that capitalize on the favorable Mediterranean climate.

Monterey County, CA
Benefiting from the region’s rich agricultural resources and expertise, the local cannabis industry of Monterey, Salinas, and Seaside is known for its efficient and technologically advanced cannabis cultivation operations.

San Luis Obispo County, CA
San Luis Obispo
emphasizes community-oriented retail experiences and local cultivation, catering to both local consumers and visitors with a focus on small-scale, sustainable practices.

Merced County, CA
Yet another agricultural community in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Merced focuses on volume and affordability, with opportunities in both cultivation and agricultural technology development.

Mendocino County, CA
Part of the legendary Emerald Triangle, Mendocino is renowned for some of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world, with deep expertise in organic cultivation.

Humboldt County, CA
Also part of the Emerald Triangle, including notable cities like Eureka and Arcata, Humboldt County is famous for its generational knowledge and commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly cannabis farming practices, setting industry standards for quality and sustainability.

What are the legal requirements to work in California’s cannabis industry?

Legal requirements to work in the cannabis industry

To work in the plant-touching sectors of the legal cannabis industry in California, individuals must:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.

Unlike some states, California does not require a specific marijuana worker permit or badge for general employees in the cannabis industry.  However, some California cities do, but you generally don’t need to concern yourself with that until a company has made you a job offer.

Also, individuals who own a 20% or greater stake in the business are considered owners and are subject to scrutiny by the California Department of Cannabis Control (CDCC).

California does not require cannabis industry employers to conduct background checks on their employees.  However, this practice is still very common to ensure that employees are trustworthy and likely to comply with state laws and regulations specific to cannabis businesses.

California’s Ban the Box law restricts employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history early in the hiring process, ensuring fair employment opportunities.

With that said, comprehensive background checks are required for all owners of licensed California cannabis businesses. They must submit fingerprint images to the Department of Justice for a criminal background check as part of their application.

DISCLAIMER: State cannabis policies are always subject to change.  While this information was accurate, when published/updated, we strongly encourage visiting the California Department of Cannabis Control (CDCC) website to guarantee the most up-to-date information.  While we do our best to keep this page current, we make no warranty that it is, seeing as regulators can make changes at any time.

Who are some of the top cannabis industry employers in California?

Top Cannabis Employers

While it would be nearly impossible to detail every cannabis industry employer in California, here is a list of some of the largest and best known companies and brands with significant operations in the state.

We urge you to keep in mind that for every company listed here there are MANY other excellent cannabis industry employers that offer exciting career opportunities.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

710 Labs
710 Labs is renowned for its artisanal cannabis concentrates and water hash products. The company emphasizes a premium experience, prioritizing quality and innovative extraction methods.

Alien Labs
Specializing in high-quality cannabis flower, Alien Labs is located in Sacramento and is known for its unique strains and cultivation techniques that cater to connoisseurs.

Based in San Jose, Caliva is a prominent cannabis company offering a wide range of products, including flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, with a focus on sustainable and locally sourced materials.

CANN is a company that produces cannabis-infused social tonics. Their beverages are low in dose and designed to be both refreshing and socially enjoyable.

CBX Cannabiotix
Based in Southern California, Cannabiotix focuses on award-winning cannabis strains with high potency and unique terpene profiles, maintaining a dedicated following among cannabis enthusiasts.

Catalyst Cannabis Co. operates many dispensaries across California. They are known for their commitment to customer education and community involvement.

Coastal Sun Farm
Based in Santa Cruz, Coastal Sun Farm utilizes sustainable farming practices to produce a diverse range of organic cannabis products, from flowers to pre-rolls.

Founded in San Francisco by rapper Berner, Cookies has become a globally recognized brand known for its innovative genetics and retail stores.

Eaze is a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery service that provides safe and legal access to cannabis products through a sophisticated online platform, enhancing user convenience.

Eighth Brother
This Mendocino-based cultivator, founded by second-generation cannabis farmers, is known for its premium, small-batch cannabis products at an affordable price.

Fig Farms
Founded in Sonoma and headquartered in Oakland, Fig Farms focuses on breeding and cultivating high-THC cannabis with unique flavors and effects, winning multiple awards for their innovative strains.

Gelato produces a variety of flavor-forward cannabis flower strains, concentrates, and edibles catering to both recreational and medicinal users across the state.

Glass House Brands
With significant operations in Santa Barbara, Glass House Brands emphasizes environmental sustainability, producing a wide range of cannabis products from flower to edibles sold at several of their own retail locations across the state.

Gold Flora
Founded in Southern California, this woman-owned company is known for its luxury cannabis products and operates with a commitment to purity and quality, providing premium flowers and extracts.

Founded in Oakland in 2006, Harborside is one of the oldest dispensary chains in California.  Haborshide offers a comprehensive range of products and services with a focus on patient and consumer education.

Heavy Hitters
Heavy Hitters is a Southern California cannabis company famous for its high-potency vape cartridges and a wide array of other cannabis products designed to “hit heavy.”

Humboldt Farms
Based in the legendary Humboldt County, Humboldt Farms is committed to sustainable agriculture and community support, producing organic and eco-friendly cannabis.

Operating out of Desert Hot Springs, Jeeter is known for an array of cannabis products that are popular across California for their convenience and quality.

Jetty Extracts
Headquartered in Oakland, Jetty Extracts is dedicated to creating clean, pure vape oils and concentrates using industry-leading extraction technologies.

Kiva Confections
Based in Alameda County, Kiva Confections creates artisanal cannabis-infused edibles known for their precise dosing and gourmet ingredients.

Leef Brands
With operations across the state, Leef Brands is a large, vertically integrated cannabis company and producer of a wide range of consumer products, focused on quality natural ingredients.

Lowell Farms
Based in Salinas, California, Lowell Farms is celebrated for its organic cultivation practices and quality products beloved by consumers across the state.

Mammoth Distribution
Mammoth Distribution is known for its wide distribution network across California, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality cannabis products to retailers across the state.

NorCal Cannabis Company
Based in San Francisco, NorCal Cannabis Company is known for its comprehensive cultivation and production capabilities, supporting a diverse brand portfolio including lolo, 1Lyfe, and Panacea Farm, available at retailers across California.

Based in Alameda County, Nug is a sophisticated vertically integrated cannabis firm with cultivation sites, manufacturing facilities, and dispensaries across the region.

Papa & Barkley
Based in Humboldt County, Papa & Barkley is a leader in cannabis-infused balms and tinctures designed for therapeutic use, emphasizing natural and full-spectrum ingredients.

Pax Labs
San Francisco’s Pax Labs is an innovator in the design and development of premium cannabis vaping appliances and accessories.

Puffcoased in Los Angeles, Puffco designs and manufactures high-tech vaping devices specifically for concentrate enthusiasts.

Stiiizy is a vertically integrated powerhouse, operating a vast array of Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail assets across the state.

West Coast Cure
Based in Southern California, West Coast Cure is renowned for their Award Winning, OG cannabis products.

What types of jobs and career opportunities are there in the cannabis industry?

Careers in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis industry career paths are quite diverse and span the following industry sectors and specialties:

Click Here to learn more about cannabis industry jobs.

Where can I find and apply for California cannabis jobs near me?

Apply for cannabis jobs

If you have a lot of spare time and don’t mind researching and applying to individual cannabis jobs, one by one, you can find a searchable list of current cannabis industry job opportunities in California HERE.

However, if you would prefer to apply just once and have Viridian Staffing’s expert cannabis recruiters match your skills and interests with cannabis jobs near you, we encourage you to register with us It only takes a few minutes!


Once registered, you can also submit your profile to any opportunity on our Cannabis Industry Job Board with a single click by logging into our Candidate Portal.

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